The concept of Integrated Eddy Current inspection system (IECI) has been developed to (partially) replace manual inspections of aircraft structures and thus reduce aircraft maintenance costs. Sensors are small, robust and lightweight and easy to install into structure. Sensors can be tailored to specific joint or general purpose of type. System will autonomously do the structure inspection when plugged to ground equipment while aircraft is in service. EDDY can be combined with emm-shm to form a SHM consisting real time life estimation and direct damage detection. 

Emmecon is developing trogether with Tampere University of Technology an hydraulic oil quality control system for Finnish Air Forces. Oil flowing from F-18 is led through the unit and particle count, permittivity, conductivity, humidity and temperature are continously counted during oil flow and shown to the user and stored into a file. Particle count is viewed as standard SAE, ISO or NAS –values or as raw particle numbers. 

emm-shm is a real time Rainflow- analyser using strain gages as sensors. Up to 16 channels can be user with highest 2000Hz sample rate. Analyser is based on ARM- architecture running Linux-OS and is thus easy to tailor to customers requirements. It is tested to withstand high vibration levels existing near jet engine. Emmecon’s patented self-diagnostics is included to guarantee validity of the measurements.
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