Emmecon Ltd is specialised in designing microcontroller (uC), digital signal processor (DSP) and PC- based application specific measuring and control systems (Embedded measuring and control)
Our customers operate in the the field of international research, defence and consumer electronics.

Our ideology relies on the mandra of the 'mechatronics' of the 80's , according to which the most effective way to realise electromechanical equipment is to design the electronics, software and mechanics in parallel. Tasks can be transferred from hardware to software or vice versa - whereever it is most effective to perform them. This intelligent combination of electronics and software can then be used to reduce the manufacturing costs of the mechanical parts (e.g. machining tolerances (=costs) with software calibration routines. This leads to the 'expansion' of mechatronics - 'smart structures'.

Our main application area is Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and we realise it indirectly by loads monitoring and directly with embedded eddy current sensor network (IECI), please see ”Products page”. These SHM equipment usually have to fulfill exreme environmental conditions.

We also have large component library with software and hardware building blocks with which the lead time to new applications is minimal.


First test flight with emm-shm installed in Finnish Air Forces (FINAF)
Torstai, Joulukuu 7, 2017, 10:35
First test flight with emm-shm installed in Finnish Air Forces (FINAF) .

First test flight with emm-shm installed in Finnish Air Forces (FINAF) . Hawk Mk66 jet trainee has been performed. emm-shm is measuring and on-line analyzing tail area, mainly horizontal stabilizer, loads. In certain maneuvers wing generates turbulence making horizontal stabilizer vibrate which will cause fast structural wear; emm-shm will quantify these vibration cycles for experts to estimate fatigue life of the structural detail. Emmecon uploaded measuring data from Hawk through internet.